The Parade of Pointlessness was a one-night, one-time, 4 hour roving performance for One Night In Footscray Festival, 2017.
“My main focus of this performance was to create something more theatrical and to engage with the festival and the concept of ‘nighttime’ and ‘community art’ without it being naff. I wanted to design this bower-bird type character, almost a crow or a vulture, but it was also some kind of demon that had gathered all of this disposable and almost-forgotten media and sound-bytes from the early 90’s just before we became aware that the internet would create a ‘forever document and recording of our existences.
Perhaps this demon had collected theme songs from Playschool or He-Man and the Master of the Universe, perhaps it was just sounds from beyond our plain of reality. Either way, I wanted to walk the line between fun and playful and also quite other-worldly and satanic.
The focus for this piece was more philosophical than my other work in my practice which explores body value systems. This was to explore nihilism and existential absurdism in relation to the ‘everyday’ and the idea of ‘community’.:

From the website:
Parade of Pointlessness is a fabulous and tragic one-man parade that loops around the main Footscray circular hub, seamlessly forever. This colourful, strange, mobile, travelling disco (sometimes for many, sometimes only for the lonely entity pushing the shopping trolley) will take you on a journey - not only to the other physical spaces and places, venues and events on for the One Night In Footscray night, but also through time and the history of disposable media itself…

Part performance, part parade, part travelling art installation (and part existential terror), Parade of Pointlessness aims to attract a crowd and following of misfits, vagrants, creatives and lost souls for a short time, to have a good time.