​Interactive Performance Installation

“I another attempt to explore and cut open traditional notions of male beauty and aesthetic in a social space, I created “Neo-Nysus.”
It’s a modern-day shrine. A physical representation of the contradictions and dualities, inconsistencies and difficulties of being an internet 3.0 queer in contemporary culture.”

Referencing classic paintings such as the birth of Venus I will be a neo-Dionysus for this day and age.

The image of every queer youth – that of decadence and hedonism – being fed to the point of illness by society I will continue to eat and drink and be fed from the offerings until I am physically unwell.

An exploration into beauty, happiness, indulgence and the projected image of “fierce, luxury, leisure” queer lifestyles that dominate social media.

The work is a metaphor for how advertising and images, stereotypes and archetypes and expectations from constantly projected images and the onslaught of the Internet can have real-world ramifications. The Internet; where we are all our own gods and idols – the facebooks where we hold shrines to ourselves.
Constantly seeking ‘feedings’ from the playground of the Internet can make us sick.

As part of the Coalesce ARI “One Night Stand II: Transient Status” Group Exhibition

Soundscape by Cat Tyson Hughes
Additional models: Marcel Taranto & Peter McDonald