“inquisition” noun 1. a period of prolonged and intensive questioning.

Inquisition” is a new video work created specifically for, and responding to the Academy of Design Australia Staff & Alumni exhibition “Do What You Love.

It is a 30 minute, one-take digital video set to loop on repeat of Matto Lucas artist playing a 30 minute segment of Electronic Arts & Bioware 2014 Xbox game, “Dragon Age Inquisition.”

Within the time-based video, natural light changes and shifts, surreal and abstract dialogue can be heard as the game progresses and sound effects with no context occur.

A personal anecdotal work, “Inquisition” is an experimental, conceptual video work attempting to reveal the quit, absurdist tragedy of complex depression, the contemporary artist and to respond literally to the theme of “do what you love” – almost nothing.

Matto Lucas suffers from anxiety and depression.

If you think that you, or someone you know, may have depression please seek help. Beyond Blue