DARUMATWO - seven year sister work to DARUMATTO for “Return Flight Mel > Edi” Project exhibited at Federation Square May 10th 2017 and The Number Shop Gallery Edinburgh

Read about the project on Going Down Swinging site here.

Response to “DARUMATWO” :


My mercy, blue man, thu looks lik A’m
on me knees afore thee. Let me sook
the staet oot o thee, then tak thee tool,
be hid bright blue silicon o dyed maet
or sumeen wholly new, aa the wey
inside. Me hungry erse’ll ride thee lik

a spring rocker: skee-whiff, vigorsum, totally
inappropriate. We’ll grind thee airms

tae bonemeal, waash thee war woad aff wi sweit,
so’s we can hap us up in flags o better

black, an thu can pent me pink an siller,

an ring wir een wi the bonnie black o sleep.

- Harry Giles

** *


Thu/thee: you.
Taen: taken.

Haad: hold.

Corp: body.
Sumeen: something.
Skee-whiff: wonky.
Hap: wrap.

Wir: our.
Een: eyes.