“BORDERS TENSIONS II” a response to the first experimental work “BORDERS / TENSIONS.”

“BORDERS / TENSIONS” was first exhibited as part of a Coalesce ARI group exhibition at D11 Gallery at Docklands “in.ter.face” in 2014 and then shown as part of DLUX Media Arts “Is This Art” screenings at Artereal Gallery in Sydney.

“Over the course of a few months, I approached 6 different strangers via social media and eventually entered their environment, alone, to film 10 minutes of uninterrupted footage. The brief, I told these strange men, was that they had ten minutes to “do whatever they wanted or felt to my passive body.” The only stipulation was that we had to be wearing the symbolic chemical suits from “BORDERS / TENSIONS” (as well as “NEGOTIATING SPATIAL AND BODY DYNAMICS WITH STRANGERS” interactive performance installation, “One Night Stand” group exhibition, Donkey Wheel House, 2014) - as they hold quarantining connotations. These interactions were recorded, and in the new work BORDERS TENSIONS II will play simultaneously.”