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Interview with Carolyn Cardinet


+Melbourne Art Review: Thanks so much for having a chat with us Carolyn. Can you discuss your practice a bit for us and tell us how you’ve gotten to where you are now?

Carolyn Cardient: “In my art practice I collect discarded and unnoticed objects; the rejected mass-produced objects of everyday life. I reclaim these everyday objects and assemble this refuse into monochromatic sculptural forms, drawing connections between the objects themselves and the natural environment from which they have been extracted.

I am an Australia based visual artist. 
 French-born I came to Australia in 1987. I had studied art at school as well as graphics in Paris but I worked in the fashion industry (Dior / Givenchy and Pierre Cardin) before doing a leap of faith when my life came to mundane so I came to Australia on a working / holiday visa (best move I ever done).

Ten years later I dived in and pursued my love for art here in Melbourne. Now I hold a Masters of Fine Art from RMIT University, a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) from the Victorian College of the Arts, I studied at Monash for Honours and have a Diploma of Visual Art from VU.”

+mar: Amazing. What’s the best piece of advice you have collected during your development as an artist?

CC: Don’t rush it! It isn’t a race!

Art is a slow developing process. When you hit hard times, and there will be many… remember that following your passion is the best ever reward you will EVER EVER have throughout your lifespan.
The hardest thing as an artist is to find where your art sit - especially as an evolving artist. Staying positive through hard times and keeping your practice going no matter what. Even if you play in the studio a short time every day, it will keep you on track as the next best thing is just around the corner.”

+mar: And what would be the highlight of your artistic career so far?

CC: One of the highlights of my career so far has been of a solo show at the Alliance Française of Melbourne, which presented the many facets of my multi-disciplinary art practice. However the best memory would have to be the joint ‘Meme Famille’ a Mother and Daughter show presented last year by Korowa Anglican School.

Residencies, I suppose it is now for me, when I went back to study in 1997 my dream was to apply for artist residencies which I couldn’t having two very small kids at the time. But I am here now and I am enjoying every opportunity I am given to share and connect with people. I now create waste awareness though workshops, art talks and exhibition in the community.

Coming from a painting background I really appreciated the internal and self-discovery journey the MFA program at RMIT provided me with. I studied the 2-year program as a full-timer, taking the time to allow for the discovery and development of my interest in unnoticed found objects, as a result I am running workshops in art and sustainability within the community.

Best thing I ever pursued.

+mar: Awesome! So what inspires you and your practice? Do you have any favourite artists?

CC: What inspire me are the possibilities in abandoned object I find. The amount gathered play an important role in the creation of each project Inspiration comes from artists such as: Lee Bontecou, Louise Bourgeois, Rosalie Gascoigne, Henrique Oliveira, Ernesto Neto.
Local artists I love are: Juan Ford, Hannah Bertram, Laith McGregor, John Davis.

+mar: We love Juan Ford’s work too! So many great local artists! What do you love most about being a creative in Melbourne? Do you have any favourite galleries or cafes?

CC: My favourite cafes are for their great staff, service, coffee & food. Truman Corner Albert Park and Grub in Fitzroy.
I just love the possibilities for creative people in Australia. As you go, you also get creative of where you would like to show your work and to create opportunities to exhibit your work in the multi-cultural environment that is Melbourne.

As the art scene is changing around the world I am rediscovering Melbourne state galleries new lease of life with dynamic contemporary programs and the many ARI happening in Melbourne.

+mar: What are you working on now? What’s next? Do you have any work in exhibition at the moment?

CC:At the moment in my new artist residency in Fitzroy I am making and developing artwork for a solo show at The Gallery at the St Kilda Town Hall and for an installation at the Atrium Bayside Corporate headquarters.
I am currently showing at PS50 White Night. All welcome on White Night Melbourne! Sat 21feb 7-8pm at PS50, 50 Orr St. Melbourne. The work reflects on the mass production of plastic packaging and the impact single-use detritus has on our environment and our future. My work is a byproduct of human consumption, the stuff we use or are in contact within our city daily.

As for the future I am looking forward to may be undertake public commissions… The word is out!

+mar: Thanks for chatting with us Carolyn! We will come see you at White Night.

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+melbourne art review

+melbourne art review is an independent online source discussing Melbourne art and artists, created by Matto Lucas.